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English Mountain Trout Farm

About us

Welcome to English Mountain Trout Farm, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the Smoky Mountains. Our family-owned and operated farm offers an authentic and immersive experience for outdoor enthusiasts, families, and food connoisseurs alike.

At English Mountain Trout Farm, we take pride in delivering a unique farm-to-table experience, where visitors can witness the beauty of sustainable aquaculture and indulge in the freshest, premium-quality rainbow trout. Whether you're a fishing enthusiast looking for a rewarding angling experience, a nature lover seeking tranquility in the great outdoors, or a foodie eager to savor delectable, locally sourced cuisine, our farm has something special to offer.

For those with an appetite for adventure, our farm offers the opportunity for visitors to participate in the time-honored tradition of trout fishing. Whether you're an experienced angler or a novice fisherman, our well-stocked ponds provide the ideal environment for reeling in a prized catch. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to offer guidance and assistance, ensuring that every guest has a memorable and rewarding fishing experience.

After working up an appetite from your fishing adventure, why not explore our on-site facilities, where you can have your fresh catch expertly cleaned and packed to take home, or prepared for you to enjoy right here at our farm? Our skilled team will gladly cook your trout to perfection, so you can relish the exquisite flavor of our sustainably raised fish.

In addition to our fishing activities, English Mountain Trout Farm boasts an inviting picnic area where families and friends can gather to share a meal and create cherished memories. Picture yourself savoring a culinary feast amid the stunning natural beauty of the Tennessee mountains, all while savoring the unique flavors of our freshly caught trout.